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Tent VS hammock: The match

Hammock or tent

Sleeping outdoors is a unique experience that allows you to reconnect with nature and immerse yourself in a different environment. We have all camped in a tent but have you ever thought of doing it in a hammock? Let's have a little game ... in 6 rounds


The match : Tent VS Hammock

1. Sleep comfort 

Tents offer more sleeping space and can accommodate several people. Modern tents are also equipped with air mattresses, sleeping bags and other amenities to make sleeping more comfortable. The problem is that the tent can retain moisture, which can cause condensation and make sleeping uncomfortable. Sleeping on a hard floor can cause back pain and discomfort. (and then, this branch or this rock in my back arfff... )
Study on the benefits of the hammock for the back

Generally speaking, hammocks are more comfortable than tents due in part to their slight swing and a surface without tension points. Hammocks hug the contours of your body, providing optimal comfort for sleep.
We will still provide adequate protection, such as a tarp or a shelter, to protect from rain and insects. Not all hammocks are suitable for cold temperatures and require special sleeping equipment for cool nights. The solution is to invest in a specific sleeping mat with a high R-value.

Tent : 0
Hammock : 1

2. Security 

Tents offer some security against wild animals. You can close the tent to prevent animals from approaching you during the night.

Hammocks are not as safe as tents, because they are not completely closed. Animals can approach you during the night (well, if you are suspended high enough, the only risk will be the bear! We will make sure to hang a bear-proof bag for the food and other odorous goods.
Small trick, you can hang your backpack on one of the two rings of the hammock. A carabiner will be welcome to fix your bag. Don't worry about the weight, the parachute hammocks are designed to support at least 150kg

Tent : 1
Hammock : 0

3. Installation 

Tent: Setting up a tent can be time consuming and requires space for the tent itself and accessories. It is also important to find a flat, dry place to pitch the tent.

The hammock: 2 trees are enough to set up your camp. With straps or ropes, 2 minutes can be enough to attach your hammock. However, beware of trees that are in poor health or too small, which can lead to accidents and injuries.

Tent : 0
Hammock : 1

4. Conviviality 

The tent is spacious and can accommodate several people, making it ideal for families or groups of friends.

The hammock is often made for solo, but it is possible to stick 2 hammocks if your 2 trees are side by side and be accompanied to look at the stars, it is very pleasant and just as romantic in couple.

Tent : 1
Hammock : 1

5. Weight and dimensions 

Tents can be bulky and heavy to carry. If you are traveling by foot or kayak, the extra weight can be a disadvantage.

The hammocks are lightweight and easy to carry, making them an ideal option for travelers on foot or by kayak.

Tent : 0
Hammock : 1

6. Ventilation 

Tents can be hot and humid, especially in hot weather. Ventilation may be limited, which can make for an uncomfortable night.

Hammocks offer better ventilation than tents, which is great for hot and humid nights, but beware that it can also be uncomfortable in strong winds.

Tent : 0
Hammock : 1

Final result

Tent : 2
Hammock : 5

In conclusion, while the tent offers protection from the elements and can be comfortable, and seems timeless, the hammock offers a unique and more convenient camping experience in terms of transportation and setup.

The hammock is also more comfortable to sleep in and allows a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape and makes you feel even more connected to nature.

That's why we highly recommend trying the hammock for your next outdoor camping experience. So ready for a change in camping style?

To go even further on the subject, you will find below, a university study conducted in France, the most comprehensive we have found so far: Hammock vs. tent

hammock or tenthammock versus tent

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