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Voyager en Amérique Latine avec Hamac de Sol : Destination Colombie, Mexique et Nicaragua!

Viajar por America Latina
Hamac de Sol s’est allié à Terra Group, afin de vous proposer des voyages sur-mesure en Colombie, au Mexique et au Nicaragua

Terra Group is a network of 18 incoming travel agencies based in America, Europe, Africa and Oceania. It is a specialist in tailor-made travel, whether it is for a group of friends, a couple on a honeymoon, a company organizing a federative incentive... They are French-speaking experts who share common values and the same conception of the profession, the art of receiving a tailor-made trip at the best quality/price ratio.

Travelling in Latin America

To give you the best overview of these destinations, here are the best reasons to come and discover Colombia, Mexico and Nicaragua.


Where to start to describe Colombia? It is a country that amazes first by its incredible natural diversity. From the snowy peaks of the Andes to the torrid beaches of the Caribbean and the Pacific, we pass through all possible climates: the gentle hills of the coffee region, the savannahs of the Llanos overflowing with wildlife, the thick vegetation of the Amazonian forest, the arid desert of the Guajira beaten by hot winds, without forgetting its magnificent cities, Medellin with its eternal spring, Cartagena with its sublime architecture or Bogota vibrant with modernity!

If Colombia fascinates by its beauty, it can also be discovered by its flavors and fragrances: the juicy exotic fruits, the rich specialties of the paisa countryside, the delicious Caribbean coconut rice, without forgetting the aroma of a good freshly ground coffee, preferably tasted on the terrace of a finca with a view of the plantations!

But what makes the trip truly unforgettable is the encounter with the Colombians who inhabit these wonderful landscapes. The heart on the hand, the rhythm in the skin and the smile up to the ears, impossible not to fall under the charm of this warm and touching people.

To discover Colombia, visit the Terra Colombia website or send your travel request directly to

le Mexique

Between natural diversity and cultural richness, Mexico and its thousand facets has much to offer. Bathe in a refreshing waterfall in the depths of Chiapas (do you know the hammocks of Chiapas?). Enjoy traditional cuisine in Oaxaca. Visit a Mayan city followed by a cenote in the Yucatan Peninsula. Finally, finish with a few days of relaxation in front of the crystal clear water of the Caribbean?

The gastronomic and cultural richness of each region also makes it a destination of choice. Let your taste buds marvel at the famous "taco al pastor", the "Mole Oaxaceño" (chicken with chocolate sauce) or the famous "cochinita Pibil", a pork-based dish cooked with ancestral Mayan techniques, i.e. buried for at least 6 hours.

In Mexico there is something for everyone. The more adventurous can enjoy outdor activities such as hiking, rafting and kayaking. Those who wish to travel in peace can simply enjoy the beauty of the fauna and flora. It is a destination suitable for couples. And also for families with very young children, something to marvel at for young and old.

To discover Mexico, visit the Terra Maya website or send your request directly to travel to Latin America

Le Nicaragua

Nicaragua, the land of lakes and volcanoes, is a country still unexplored and little visited by tourists. It is an original and safe destination that is beginning to attract travelers looking for stays off the beaten path and away from the tourist crowds.

Nicaragua and its people have something very special. The traveler is welcomed with a smile and a lot of consideration. The colonial history of the country is felt in all its cities, large and small. Beautiful churches, markets and large cobblestone streets give the impression of having traveled back in time.

The country is also rich in volcanoes, all of which are accessible to hiking enthusiasts. You can even get very close to the bubbling lava of the Masaya volcano. The diversity of landscapes is impressive, the North is a real unexplored land, green and hilly. There are many coffee, sugar cane and cocoa plantations. The South is drier and hotter. Between the immense Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific Coast, there is a different atmosphere. Its Caribbean Coast, still virgin, is a real surprise for travelers. Going to the Corn Islands is a must in the country.

The proximity of Nicaragua to Costa Rica makes it easy to consider visiting both countries in the same trip.

Nicaragua has a good road infrastructure. They will allow you to visit its numerous natural reserves. You will see its crater lakes and its beautiful virgin beaches (for surfing or relaxing) while passing by all the colonial cities which will be on the way.

To discover Nicaragua, visit the Terra Nicaragua website or send your request for travel in Latin America directly to

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