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Effects of swinging in a hammock: Why do we like hammocks so much?

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We associate hammocks with vacations, the beach and fun, so it's super normal that when we're inside, we automatically teleport ourselves to a place of relaxation, which usually tends to be very far away... But precisely, whenever we lay down at a hammock, why do we get easily swept away by its sway? We give you here the reasons of the effects of the swinging in hammock

The physical benefits of swinging in a hammock 
  1. Adrenaline levels decrease and whenever our body and/or mind understands this, the brain's electrical rhythms begin to change to alpha waves, those associated with calm and those that predominate when we meditate.
  2. Blood circulation is improved and blood pressure is lowered. This allows the blood to circulate properly to all organs and corners of the body
  3. Improvement of cognitive processes, favoring memory consolidation (memory fixation)
  4. The swinging of the hammocks amplifies the slow oscillations and axes that serve as a transition between light and deep sleep, allowing you to fall asleep faster and deeper than in bed. For this reason, it is an effective remedy for insomnia.
The psychological benefits of swinging in a hammock 
  1. By letting ourselves be carried away by involuntary swaying, we let go. We allow ourselves to go with the flow, which we often don't do in the end.
  2. By letting go, we demonstrate acceptance. With the repetitive movement, we enter a kind of trance. This helps us to lower the barriers by enjoying the present moment.
  3. We return to the womb. Unconsciously, we return to the mother's refuge. We feel protected by a feeling of well-being and relaxation.
  4. Because of the above, it is easier for us to enter a state of self-observation, to connect with ourselves and what we want or need.
  5. Creativity improves.

Now that you know the effects of hammock swinging, all you have to do is let go!

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Effects of the hammock swing

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