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Hammock del Sol

Designed to introduce luxury hammocks from Latin American countries, Hammock del Sol links the authenticity of its hammocks to the culture of the country of origin, giving it a symbolic value.
Hammock del Sol is a bridge between our Western world and the regions of Latin America, where the passage of time preserves a unique know-how synonymous with rich craftsmanship.

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Ancestral and artisanal manufacture

Hammock weaving is an ancestral technique inherited over the years that requires great skill, competence and dedication on the part of the craftsmen.

Here, Hammock del Sol explains a little bit the magic of the know-how of these craftsmen where the creativity and the love for their work allow us to offer you these unique and high quality pieces.

The Three Lands

COLOMBIA, MEXICO, NICARAGUA, the history of the hammock begins almost 1000 years ago in the Latin American continent and takes us from the search of its origins among the indigenous peoples who considered it "a gift from the gods".
Even today, its manufacturing process preserves its roots. Through the transmission of this know-how, the elders show the pride of the ancestors' handicraft work.


Nicaragua has a well-defined handicraft tradition that over the decades, has been a real means of subsistence for families due in part, to a manufacturing technique passed down from generation to generation.


A South American country sharing borders with Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, the equator and Peru, Colombia opens onto the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.


Mexico is famous for its net hammocks which are among the best in the world.
The origin of hammocks is about a thousand years old. Although not native to Mexico, it is believed that it could have reached the Yucatan Peninsula at least two centuries before the arrival of the Spanish.

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