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Hammock del Sol guarantees a fair and responsible purchase

Our commitment to fair trade

Founded in 2021, Hamac del Sol has been committed from the beginning to a fair trade approach with all its suppliers.

Logically, in 2022, we will join the WFTO to reaffirm our commitment to fairer international trade.

With the WFTO fair trade label, we offer a " product and organization" guarantee.

Before detailing the 10 principles that make up this guarantee, it is essential to recall its principle. As its name indicates, it is about providing guarantees in the social, economic and environmental fields for all our commercial transactions.

A demanding and exciting job 

Demanding, because it calls everything into question, especially for the habits taken by our producers often by a lack of information and knowledge.

Exciting, because it opens new perspectives, of work and collaboration. It creates concrete social advances on the conditions of men and women, a better remuneration for our craftsmen and a standard of living which increases allowing them to be able to educate their children.

The support of WFTO, allows us to benefit from their experience in the creation of specifications of good practices for our craftsmen.

  • Working in decent conditions
  • Sell the fruits of their labor at a fair price
  • 50% payment at the time of order
  • The guarantee of a minimum price
  • The establishment of medium to long term partnerships

Finally, WFTO conducts regular audits of all its members and ensures that our commitments to our producers in Latin America are respected.

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For you as a customer

Since January 2023 we use a WFTO label. It is attached to all our hammocks and chair hammocks. It should be noted that this label is a reflection not only of the way our hammocks are made and checked according to the WFTO standards, but also of the way the Company Hammock del Sol behaves in all its activities, with its partners:

  • A perfect knowledge of the producers' living conditions
  • Real transparency on prices
  • Setting up regular meetings in the field
  • To be exemplary with our service providers

photo d'un hamac mexicain avec l'étiquette WFTO de Hamac del Sol

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roopa mehta president of wfto
Roopa Mehta, president of WFTO

What is the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO)?

WFTO is one of the 4 major international associations, bringing together more than 350 fair trade organizations around the world.

After an internal reorganization, IFAT (International Fair Trade Association) became WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization). It is made up of an association of 350 active structures in more than 70 countries.

The main objective of WFTO is to enable small producers in the South of the American continent to improve their living conditions and those of their communities through sustainable fair trade.

WFTO facilitates, supports and guides structures in this process. Its members are importers, sellers, producers, companies or support organizations.

The 10 Principles of Fair Trade

  1. Create opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers (support small, marginalized producers) ;
  2. Transparency and accountability (establishing communication at all levels of the supply chain and maintaining transparent business relationships) ;
  3. Fair trade practices (taking into account the welfare of small producers and protecting their cultural identity and know-how) ;
  4. Payment of a fair price for the artisan (price agreed upon through dialogue with the owners or coordinators) ;
  5. Prohibition of child and forced labor; 
  6. Commitment to non-discrimination, gender equality and freedom of association ;
  7. Guarantee good working conditions (in safety, with a decent salary and working hours) ;
  8. Capacity building (for our marginalized producers) ;
  9. Promotion of fair trade (sensitize our distributors to the objective of fair trade) ;
  10. Respect for the environment (maximizing the use of raw, recycled and biodegradable materials and reducing the consumption of energy and pesticides).

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